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Beem Sings With His Hands
Flogsta Danshall, Vinyl + digital
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Beem & Ätran is Fredrik Mjelle from Stockholm Sweden. Get in touch!


Plikt (as Ätran), EP, Klangfigur, 2014
Peel, Re-release on cassette, Ausland Schläge, 2014
The Future, Re-release on cassette, Ausland Schläge, 2013
Beem Sings With His Hands, LP, Flogsta Danshall, 2012
Peel, Album, 2010
The Future, Album, 2008
The Famous / Mouth Everest, 7", Flogsta Danshall, 2005
Just Lit, CD Album, Down and Counting, 2002
King vs. Queen EP*, 12", Lecitin, 2001
Arne Sand EP*, 10", Mjäll records, 2000

Neybuu - Squirt Cherry, 2014
Sofa Club - Actual Video, 2011
Deportees - I Wanna Be In Your Gang, 2010
Alfred Jenkins NYC, 2010
Jennie Abrahamson, Outside Your Window, 2010
Stickem, This Thing Is On, 2010
Mofeta & Jerre, Bättre i Berlin, 2009
Stickem, Double Dog Dare, 2008
Dub Sweden, On Your Telly, 2006
Robyn, Who's that Girl, Unreleased, 2005
Deportees, Champagne Eyes, CD, EMI, 2005
Christian Walz, Wonderchild, Unreleased, 2004
Tasha, Build me up, Clique UK, 2004
Bittersweet, Yeah Yeah Yeah*, 12", 2001
Heed, Manual #29*, 12" and CD, EMI 2000

Movie scores
Gzim rewind, Documentary theme, 2012

Klärvoajans, Tape, Ausland, 2013
Dødpop vol. 2, 2010
Tropical Heat 2, 2010
International Skweee vol 2, w. Joxaren, Harmönia, 2009
Museum of future sound, CD, Flogsta Danshall, 2007
Some liquor company compilation, 2006
Kontor Sunset Chill Vol. 6, CD, 2005
Nattskift, CD, Flora&Fauna 2003
Diversidade*, CD, Gravações Dinâmicas, 2002
Benno: An Unfinished Retrospective*, CD, 2000

*as Electromagnetic Beam